About Us

Polid House was firstly founded in 7th October 2010 by two friends who were looking for business opportunities. They were based in Beijing, China, while finishing their studies. The two started humbly with selling Instax Polaroid online through facebook and other local media. Unexpectedly, Polid House rockets up being a fast growing online business and quickly became the front-runner venture in the online market. 

It did not come all that easy, really. They went through pebbles and rocky road, but never fail to put passion and dedication. Now, Polid House is better and larger! We strive to provide our customer with great product and service! Polid House online store exist to make your shopping simpler and easier! 'Shopping is just a click away!'

We proudly present our website www.polidhouse.com. Our commitments for these three years is gathered in our facebook fanpage : www.facebook.com/polidhouse


What Do We Sell?

As many of you know, we started the business by selling Instax Polaroid. Age growing, demand increasing, Polid House pushed to deliver better. We expanded the scope of our goods to toys, hobbies, and lifestyle products. From cute little Sonny Angel, Intriguing Nanoblock, to cellphone accessories and others, we could simply complete your life!


Introducing Our Showroom

We proudly present our office and showroom at Alam Sutra, Tangerang. Please do come and visit us!